The Arabs, in earlier development known as the Saracens, are one of the playable civilizations in Empires Apart. They are classified as a support civilization, as they don't necessarily lean towards an aggressive or expansive playstyle.

Gameplay Edit

Arabs are a versatile civ that has many options, especially in the late-game. If they choose an economic approach, they can use their priests to convert some enemy units and gather relics while using a second town center to make villagers. Furthermore, they can start using towers and universities to fortify their base and power up their infrastructure. If they choose a military approach instead, they can make use of their naft throwers, which are an essential unit for the Arab army, since they are reasonably effective against both infantry and ranged units. In the advanced stages of the game, their heavy mounted units can prove to be a force to be reckoned with, and they have access to trebuchets before most other civs do. Their mills can give a small boost to their food economy, and their universities can provide a low gold income. Therefore, their economy is above average once their infrastructure is established.

Units Edit

Arabs have a reasonably wide array of units. Their army composition can vary a lot depending on the situation. All of the central Arab military units can be upgraded only once, but their stats can also benefit from the buff provided by universities, which brings them on par with other, more upgradable units from other civilizations.

Infantry Edit

  • Warrior
  • Spearman

Ranged Edit

  • Archer
  • Naft Thrower
  • Cavalry Archer

Cavalry Edit

  • Light Cavalry
  • Heavy Cavalry

Siege Edit

  • Ram
  • Mangonel
  • Trebuchet

Special Edit

  • Medic
  • Priest
  • Assassin

Heroes Edit

  • Saladin
  • Hassan-e Sabbah

Buildings Edit

Some notable buildings for the Arab faction are:

  • Hospitals: They can train medics, who heal units;
  • Universities: They can provide buffs for nearby buildings;
  • Mills: Unlike mills from other civilizations, Arab mills can improve farming efficiency.
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