The Byzantines are one of the playable civilizations in Empires Apart. They represent the Byzantine Empire, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire which was established as the result of a decentralization of the bulging empire by Constantine I, who moved his seat of power to the city of Constantinople. The empire endured through the fall of Rome and ruled from 285 to 1453 AD along the Mediterranian before it fell to the Ottoman Turks.

Gameplay Edit

The Byzantines are described as a defensive civilization. Despite this, they are a very well-rounded civilization with access to a diverse roster of units. Their economic and defensive bonuses, as well as their extensive amount of tech options, make them a faction well-suited for new players. Unlike other civilization which tends to focus on a specific selection of units, the Byzantines reward a balanced military with infantry, cavalry, and archers backed with the siege.

Some of their primary units, specifically the Skoutatos and the Hippo-toxotis, have the unique Disrupt ability, which allows the Byzantine cavalry to deal twice as much damage to them. The Byzantines have access to all significant economic upgrades at their Ergastirion Aggeion. They have a wide variety of military upgrades in their Sidirourgion and an excellent advanced economic building, the Pandidakterion, oriented towards defense and siege.

Heroes Edit

  • Alexios I Komnenos
  • Flavius Belisarius

Units Edit

  • Colonus
  • Skoutatos
  • Hoplitis
  • Toxotis
  • Psilos
  • Hippo-toxotis
  • Expilator
  • Kataphraktos
  • Koursor
  • Poliorkitikos
  • Krios
  • Ballista
  • Iereas
  • Emboros
  • Manganikon
  • Alieftikon
  • Metagogikon
  • Emporikon
  • Dromon
  • Pŷr Akatos

Buildings Edit

  • Dimarhion
  • Chorion
  • Apothiki
  • Farma
  • Ergastirion
  • Aggeion
  • Limani
  • Ekklisia
  • Agora
  • Pandidakterion
  • Stratonas
  • Stratopedo Toksovolias
  • Stavlos
  • Ergastirion Poliorkias
  • Sidirourgion
  • Paratiritirion
  • Pyrgos
  • Frourion
  • Ksulinon Teixos
  • Petrinon Teixos
  • Petrini Pyli
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