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Description Edit

Empires Apart is a historical Real-time Strategy (RTS) indie game due for release on 29th March 2018 on Windows PC[1].

Empires Apart's game-play has been inspired by Age of Empires II (AoE2), an RTS game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft, first released in 1999 [2]. AoE2 is still widely played today and tournaments continue to be played and commentated by YouTube and Twitch enthusiasts.

Empires Apart will be built upon the Unreal Engine 4 – a free to develop set of tools designed to aid developers to create games faster with less ground work. The engine is developed by Epic Games, INC [3].

The game is in development by DESTINYbit – an independent game development studio based in Italy co-founded by Gian Paolo Vernocchi, Co-Founder & Creative Director, and Simone Daminato, Co-Founder & Technical Director [4].

Civilizations Edit

Empires Apart will feature six civilizations at launch:

More civilizations are expected in the game in future DLC's.

Main game Arabs | Aztecs | Byzantines | Chinese | French | Mongols

Units Edit

In Empires Apart, each civilization has its unique units. Following is a list of all units in the game, alphabetically sorted by civilization, then sorted by the building where the units are created.

List of units
Arab Center test
Mosque test | test | test
Stables test | Ctest | test
Tecpancalli Mācēhualli
Telpochcalli Telpocapiltontli | Yaoquizqui | Cuāuhtli | Ocēlōtl | Cuachic | Tepoztōpīlli | Ixtlamati Tepoztōpīlli
Tlaminacalli Tlaminani | Ixtlamati Tlaminani | Atlatl | Ixtlamati Atlatl
Miscellaneous Malli
Byzantine town center Byzantine 2
Barracks Test
Stables Coutilier | Chevalier | Lancier
Town Center Chinese character 1
Barracks Unknown
Siege Workshop Jishi
Jishi Flamethrower
Heroes Confucius
Town Center Païsant
Barracks Escuier | Guisarmier | Hallebardier
Stables Gendarme | Chevalier | Lancier
Église Priest
Chateau Templier
Town Center Mongol 1
Barracks Mongol horde | Guisarmier | Hallebardier
Stables Coutilier | Chevalier | Lancier

Buildings Edit

Aside from units, each civilization has it's own unique buildings as well. Following is a list of all buildings in the game, alphabetically sorted by civilization.

List of buildings
Arabs Arab Town Center | Long list of buildings | Just to test how long it can be | Fortress | Test | Anothjer arab building
Aztecs Calli | Tlaolcalli | Chinampa | Teocalli Quetzalcoatl | Teopancalli | Tlaminacalli | Acalquixoayan | Teocalli | Tianquiztli
Byzantines Byzantine town | Byzantine stables
Chinese Chinese town center | Chinese temple
French French town center | Église
Mongols Yurt 1 | Tent 2

Development Status Edit

The game is now available on Steam.

Game Play Edit

Developers have confirmed that the game is inspired by the Age of Empires series, especially AoE2, and will share most of its characteristics that made AoE2 a successful series. The graphics will be modernized using the latest technology and become a more user-friendly and minimalistic game, enhancing the end users' experience.

Empires Apart will feature six civilizations and a multi-player-centered experience. Furthermore, developers announced a single-player campaign.

At the moment there is Single Player, which contains a tutorial, some challenges, a survival mode and a skirmish mode, and Multiplayer, which has a dual mode (ranked) and a regular game (unranked).

Announcement Edit

Empires Apart was first announced during a stream on Twitch then uploaded after the fact to YouTube on the 24th May 2015 by ZeroEmpires, an Age of Empires commentator, player, and enthusiast. During the stream, Gian Paolo Vernocchi introduced the project stating it was a passion of the team to develop.

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