Considerations about mercenaries.

Hiring mercenaries Edit


Summary Edit

Under gold payment, have a group of mercenaries that you can't directly control, only ask them to either scout, attack, or defend. If killed, they auto-regenerate. Max 20 units.

Variants Edit

  • not very loyal (link).
  • limited time use, and everytime you call them, it costs more (link)
  • They spawn automatically in fixed time periods and fight for whoever controls their "tavern" building; a couple of taverns are spread over the map, thus mercenaries would be one specific game mode.

Advantages Edit

  • Helpful with scouting, raiding, or defending without the need to control these units and keep track of them all the time.
  • Not regulated by population limit, thus additional military forces in the late game.

Disadvantages Edit

  • No tactical finesse, they might go to their death or defend the wrong location.